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A warm welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Trust charity!

Where we provide:

  • Home study modules for doctors, nurses, health care professionals and the general public
  • CPD Credits to meet your vocational training needs
  • Sustainable natural healthcare solutions for the 21st century
  • A Health-e-Learning platform with the world’s best teachers
  • A Health-e-Information platform with the most current news and evidence
  • A Resource Directory of natural healthcare organisations
  • A Learning community of like-minded people

What we do

The Health and Wellbeing Trust provides vocational training and self-help information for healthcare professionals and the public – facilitating engagement in proactive, sustainable healthcare solutions for the 21st century.

In this way we will help to reverse and prevent lifestyle illness and promote full-potential living.

Never has the need been greater need for healthcare professionals to learn about low cost, evidence based natural therapies and self-help approaches. We must empower individuals in responsible self care and decrease the strain on the NHS. It is vital that we all work together to regenerate our health – not just to survive, but to thrive!

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I am very proud to be a patron of the Health and Wellbeing Trust. I believe that a more integrated medical system is vital. People need and deserve medical freedom and choice with sensitive care from intuitive doctors, nurses and therapists.

Hayley Mills, Patron

The course has surpassed all of my expectations. It has consolidated and reminded me why I have worked so hard to get here. The standard of teaching is second to none.

Dr Anna Forbes, former student

The Health and Wellbeing Trust

The Health and Wellbeing Trust is an educational charity providing course and credits for those wishing to study integrative healthcare.

Meet our teachers through their Introductory talks

Take their 10 hour Discovery modules giving 10 hours' CPD credits

Engage in their Training courses, online or in person

Experience their therapy or self-help approach in person

CPD Credits and qualifications

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Introduction to our services


Our e-Learning platform will enable you to find an exciting range of teachers and courses to inform your healthcare choices and meet your continuing professional development requirements.

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Our e-Information platform will enable you keep in touch with the latest news, science and developments within holistic healthcare.

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Learning Community

Our Learning Community will connect you with like-minded people practising, studying and seeking natural healthcare approaches, for your mutual support, dialogue and collaboration.

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Meet our Teachers

HWT provides inspiring education and up-to-the-minute information from international thought leaders and researchers in integrative medicine (IM), mind-body science and holistic self-help. Through our Health-e-Learning platform you can gain access to the free ‘Introducing’ talks, 10 hour ‘Discovery’ courses, in depth trainings and services of these remarkable pioneers of the new paradigm of regenerative healthcare.

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The Health and Wellbeing Trust charity provide bursary funding for both students and patients with limited financial means. In this way we aim to maintain equal access to our courses and the services of our teachers for all.

Patient Bursary Fund

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Student Bursary Fund

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Community campaigns

Posted: 13th August 2018

Fundraising for harp player Sue Caden

Sue Caden is a wonderful harp player, but was slowly losing her hearing. The Health and Wellbeing trust offered to help fundraise for Sue to buy her some state-of-the-art hearing aids.

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Can you run a campaign for us?

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Can you run a campaign for us?

We are thrilled to receive donations from our proactive supporters through community events and would love to hear from you if you feel inspired to help us. Do you have a bright idea we can support you with?

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Posted: 13th August 2018

Fundraising for the passing of our friend Ali Jennings

On June 11th 2018 a group of Ali’s friend run in the Nailsea Charity run in Ali’s memory in aid of our charity which Ali served and supported passionately.

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Donate and help us grow

Please support our vital work to improve the nation's health through the teaching of affordable, effective, and sustainable healthcare solutions to healthcare professionals.

Never has our work been so critically important - with the NHS almost at breaking point and increasing cases of lifestyle illnesses we need to act now!

HWT is a registered charity - all donations fund our core team, enabling us to engage the best teachers, build our courses and populate our online platform with news and research pieces to help increase peoples' understanding of this important information.

We are a very lean, green team – with no office to run, we just focus on our mission!

Our sponsors

The Health and Wellbeing Trust is extremely grateful for the core funding provided by RGCC which enables us to provide this learning and information resource for our students. RGCC provides world-leading diagnostic testing to inform the creation of personalised cancer treatment programmes

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