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Established in 1950, Balens are an ethical, values driven fourth generation family run Insurance Brokerage, focusing on support and service. 

We specialise in Insurance for Health, Well-being, Fitness and Beauty Professionals and their businesses, Affinity Groups and Not-for-Profit Organisations.  

Balens – Specialist Insurance Brokers to the Complementary Healthcare Sector

We are delighted to support the Health and Wellbeing Trust. From our headquarters in the Spa town of Malvern, we look after the insurance needs of many thousands of all types of Health Professionals, organisations, charities and the not for profit sector. We have considerable experience and expertise in this field and are known by both clients and insurers alike for our integrity and competence. 

Our core values and purpose centre on client satisfaction, quality advice and support. Our slogans “we care for the carers” and “experts who care” describe this intention and is a good reflection of how we operate. We value the relationships we have with our clients, and we try to support them through means of education where possible, for example our renowned CPD day which is very well attended.

Our culture of education at Balens lies in-house, we encourage and support our staff with training, and our frequent interactions with Health Professionals & Associations help our staff understand day to day issues faced by our clients. We attend medico-legal and regulatory body seminars to get the most up to date issues around Medicine and the Law.

We bring our high standards of care and attention to these sectors, offering Risk Management together with having a wide range of specialised, flexible insurance policies not usually obtainable elsewhere. 

We are proud to be one of the very few Brokers whose main clientele and business revolves around Health Professionals and their Associations. We have a lot of resource on our website, do check out the links below!


For information about the Balens Annual CPD Event: http://www.balens.co.uk/cpd.aspx

For various different educational articles covering many different topics & articles: http://www.balens.co.uk/educational.aspx