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Terms and Conditions

Our provision

The Health and Wellbeing Trust is a provider of Online Discovery Courses and information about the independent trainings and services of our teachers.

Our teachers are chosen from the finest teachers of Integrative Healthcare in the world to provide information in the following categories:

  • Introducing – their brief introduction to their subject
  • Discovery – their 10-hour modules which are for sale through the charity’s website, for which the student receives 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits from our British College of Integrative Medicine (BCIM).
  • Training – information about the teachers own courses provided independently of the charity, for which the student can earn credits at a rate of 1 credit per hour of study from BCIM.
  • Experience – listings the services that teachers provide independent of the charity as a therapist, class, or group leader.

Our terms

  • The HWT charity sells Online Discovery courses which provide 10 hours of basic study in the subject taught by the teachers. These are aimed at meeting the CPD needs of doctors, nurses, therapists, self-help teachers and all other healthcare professionals.
  • The fee is payable prior to commencing the Discovery course through the website health-e-learning.org.uk.
  • The time allowed for the study of the 10-hour Discovery Course is 12 weeks, with the student receiving a reminder message at 6 weeks that they have 6 weeks of study time remaining.
  • Upon completion of the course the student will receive a Certificate of Graduation from the British College of Integrative Medicine confirming that they have completed the course to add to their CPD portfolio.
  • Should there be extenuating circumstances as to why the student cannot complete the course during the 12 weeks, they may apply for an extension to info@health-e-learning.org.uk.
  • Whilst HWT and its British College of Integrative Medicine aims to provide teachers of the highest quality, it holds no liability for the teaching content within the Discovery Courses on the charity’s website, nor for the teaching that the teacher provides within their own courses; nor for the therapy services or classes the teacher provides outside the charity.
  • Responsibility and liability for a teacher’s taught material, therapeutic or self-help services remains entirely with the teachers, all of whom carry appropriate professional indemnity for the subject speciality that they teach and practice.