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The TED Talks | Farming and Climate Change: Measuring Success

Article Source: https://sustainablefoodtrust.org/articles/thetedtalks/

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On the 29th April 2021, The Sustainable Food Trust launched their coalition for the Global Farm Metric project with TEDx Countdown. The event hosted a range of inspiring thinkers in the food and farming industry, from leading retailers to local dairy farmers, and has accelerated international support for our global and harmonised measure of on-farm sustainability.

Learn how the Global Farm Metric can help transform farming into a solution for climate change with our 10 minute TED talks below. Read more about the speakers here.

*Registration now closed.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales

Patron of the Sustainable Food Trust and Sustainable Markets Initiative

Patrick Holden and Adele Jones

CEO and Deputy CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust | Chair of the GFM steering committee and Director of the GFM

Minette Batters

President of the National Farmers Union

Henry Dimbleby

Lead of the UK’s National Food Strategy and Co-Founder of LEON Restaurant

David Potts, CBE

CEO of Morrisons Supermarket