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The (in)visible health risks of climate change

Parry, L., Radel, C., Adamo, S.B., Clark, N., Counterman, M., Flores-Yeffal, N., Pons, D., Romero-Lankao, P. and Vargo, J. (2019). The (in)visible health risks of climate change. Social Science & Medicine, p.112448.

Abstract: This paper scrutinizes the assertion that knowledge gaps concerning health risks from climate change are unjust, and must be addressed, because they hinder evidence-led interventions to protect vulnerable populations. First, we construct a taxonomy of six inter-related forms of invisibility (social marginalization, forced invisibility by migrants, spatial marginalization, neglected diseases, mental health, uneven climatic monitoring and forecasting) which underlie systematic biases in current understanding of these risks in Latin America, and advocate an approach to climate-health research that draws on intersectionality theory to address these inter-relations.