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Dispositional mindfulness and acute heat pain Comparing stimulus-evoked pain with summary pain assessment

Mischkowski, D., Stavish, C., Palacios-Barrios, E.E., Banker, L.A., Dildine, T.C. and Atlas, L.Y. (2021). Dispositional mindfulness and acute heat pain. Psychosomatic Medicine, Publish Ahead of Print, [online] Available at: https://journals.lww.com/psychosomaticmedicine/Abstract/9000/Dispositional_mindfulness_and_acute_heat_pain_.98462.aspx [Accessed 02 Apr. 2021].

Accessed from the world wide web at 11:00 hrs 01.04.21.

Abstract: Dispositional mindfulness is associated with reduced pain in clinical and experimental settings. However, researchers have neglected the type of pain assessment, as dispositional mindfulness may have unique benefits for reduced pain sensitivity when relying on summary pain assessments, in contrast to assessing the pain of each noxious stimulus. Here, we test the association between dispositional mindfulness and pain, using both trial-by-trial pain assessments and overall summary ratings following acute pain tasks.