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The Healing Trust

Dedicated to promoting public health via Spiritual Healing, as a natural choice for all.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the value of Spiritual Healing and help those interested to develop their own innate healing abilities.This Alliance with Health-e-Learning offers a doorway into the exciting world of energy and healing through our Discovery programme.

We are thrilled to be part of our Patron Dr. Rosy Daniel’s wonderful initiative to bring together all the branches of the health promoting community.

The Healing Trust is a Healing membership organisation with members in the UK and internationally. Founded in 1954 by a group of pioneering Healers; Harry Edwards, the foremost Healer of his day was our first member and President. We are dedicated to promoting public health via Spiritual Healing as a natural choice for all. 
We offer Healing via UK Healing Centres, Find a Healer service, a Distant Healing service and a weekly public self and global Healing Meditation. We further promote Healing via Social Media (Facebook and Instagram), at Exhibitions and offer a full online schedule of events during the annual Healing Awareness Week in the first week of May. 
We’re one of the lead training organisations for those interested in becoming a Healer, with our Licensed Tutors running courses both in the UK and internationally. We’re an inclusive organisation, and with a belief that everyone has innate Healing abilities, embrace those of all nationalities and creeds, finding common ground in our core belief that we’re all emanations of the same Spiritual Source.
We are thrilled to be part of this initiative and proud to have had Dr Rosy Daniel as our Patron for many years. We can help you find a healer, you can join in our weekly global healing meditation live on Facebook, attend any of the events below or take an introductory course for healer training.