Posted: 8th January 2020

Subject: Climate Change / Sub-category: Forest Fires

Listen now Australian fires: who is to blame?

Article Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07zns45

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the devastating bushfires raging in the country might go on for months. At least 26 people have died since the fires began in September. Air quality in the capital Canberra was, this weekend, rated the worst in the world.

In this episode Beyond Today producer Heidi Pett tells us the personal cost of the fires in Merimbula, a coastal town in New South Wales. We also speak to climate scientist Michael Mann who explains how a specific climate phenomenon has exacerbated the fires and why America’s leaders have a role to play in Australia’s current plight.

Presenter: Matthew Price
Producers: Duncan Barber and Alicia Burrell
Mixed by Nicolas Raufast
Editor: Philly Beaumont